Sláinte! Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Pluto Cannabis


Sláinte! Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with Pluto Cannabis

and merriment, often accompanied by the clinking of pints and the aromatic embrace of corned beef and cabbage. However, for cannabis fans, the day presents a unique opportunity to combine the charms of both ancient celebrations at a time when the plant is as much a part of Canadian culture as any other alcoholic beverage. So, how can recreational cannabis users in the great white north partake in St. Patrick’s Day with a green twist? Of course.

A Toast to Cannabis Strains Fit for St. Patrick's

Just as with any high-spirited occasion, the correct ‘spirit’ can set the tone, and in this case, your spirit of choice is a carefully selected cannabis strain. Our ‘pot of gold’ holds a selection of strains celebrated for their refreshing and mood-enhancing properties. For those seeking a social, energizing, high, sativa-dominant strain like Sour Diesel or Jack Herer, it could be your leprechaun’s lucky charm, promoting a creative and highly cerebral experience. Alternatively, for a more relaxed and euphoric mood that pairs well with a day of lounging and laughter, consider the Indica-dominant strains, such as Granddaddy Purple or Bubba Kush. Remember, always consume responsibly.

Crafting Cannabis-Infused Cuisine

TSt. Patrick’s Day feasting is a staple of the celebration, and what better way to join in than by infusing traditional Irish recipes with a cannabis kick? Green cannabis butter (or ‘cannabutter’) can elevate classic items like colcannon or champ. At the same time, a dash of cannabis-infused olive oil can take your Irish stew from a savoury dish to the main event. Alternatively, consider pairing your favourite strains with foods known for their flavour profiles that complement the varieties of cannabis terpenes, enhancing the taste and overall dining experience. Just be sure to inform your guests if any offerings contain cannabis and keep other adult-use products out of reach for a safe and enjoyable event.

A Cannabis Spin on St. Paddy’s Day Activities

In the spirit of the day, consider incorporating cannabis into St. Patrick’s Day activities. For instance, a group can gather to paint shamrocks, enjoy storytelling, or even have an Irish music jam session—all activities that might be enhanced with a sprinkle of cannabis enjoyment. A ‘green’ hike or nature walk can be the perfect way to celebrate for those venturing outdoors. Just be mindful of the public consumption laws in your area and ensure a ‘designated driver’ if the group will be enjoying any traditional libations, cannabis-infused or otherwise.

Celebrating Responsibly and Respectfully

As always, the key to enjoying cannabis (or any substance) on a celebratory day like St. Patrick’s is to do so responsibly. This means knowing your limits, understanding the potency of the products you’re consuming, and avoiding any activities that could be unsafe or illegal under the influence. Also, in the spirit of St. Patrick, let’s remember to celebrate freely while respecting those around us who may not share our enthusiasm for cannabis.

The Future of Cannabis and Cultural Celebrations

As cannabis continues to integrate into the fabric of Canadian culture, it will undoubtedly play a more prominent role in traditional celebrations such as St. Patrick’s Day. Whether future events involve cannabis education, thoughtful product pairings, or even dedicated cannabis-centric celebrations, it’s clear that the plant’s rich history and its place in cultural celebrations will continue to grow.
In conclusion, while it’s essential to approach the holiday with a conscientious and informed mindset, there’s no reason cannabis can’t be part of your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Enjoying the day with marijuana can lead to unique and relaxing experiences that complement the festive spirit of the holiday. Pop into Pluto Cannabis and let our folks help assist you in choosing the right cannabis products, maybe try something new.
As we raise our glasses (and our joints) to St. Patrick, may the luck of the Irish be with you, and may your celebrations be as green and glorious as a cannabis-infused clover. From Pluto Cannabis–Sláinte

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