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Here are some quick FAQs for you! 

  • Pluto managment
  • Website related questions
  • Cannabis related questions
If you need more help

If those don’t anwser your question, feel free to contact us at 780-758-8802, or email us at info@plutocannabis.ca!

  • Yes! When you come to the store, we accept Visa/MasterCard for any Debit/Credit card, as well as cask. 
  • A quick anwser: it depends! If the product is broken or not working due to the product failure, make sure to keep the receipt, the evidence to support you, and the product’s package. 
  • Come visit us at the store, or shot us a massage about this issue, and we will go from there!
  • You will need to have an account for checking the pictures.
  • For sign up an account, please visit: Home – Shop Now – Sign in/Sign up
  • If you have visited us before and already made an account at the store: please simply give us a call and tell us you want to have an online account for our website! Or let us know whenever you come to the store physically 🙂 We will generate an online account from your current account, and send the log in credentials to your email (please note that you will need to provide us a working email address)
  • If you experience any trouble sign up online, please give us a call at 780-758-8802. 
  • Come to the store with your product (including package) and receipt, we will assess the situation to see if we could perform an exchange/refund.
  • Please be advised that AGLC has its own exchange/return policy, and us as retailers are obligated to follow their regulations. 
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