2023 February Discount Month!

Feburary monthly Sale:

20% off the whole month on: 

  • Flask Bong
  • Peacock Bong
  • Orange Chronic Bong Cleaner

Valentines week sales (02/13-02/19):

  • 10% off for Organnicraft Platinum Grapes
  • 10% off for Organnicraft Miss Kim
  • 10% off for SYNR.G Raspberry Fades THC 10mg x 5 Sublingual Strips
  • $1 off for the Bhang THC Caramel Mocha Milk Chocolate
Try it all week sales (02/20-02/26)
  • 15% off for Jonny Chronic – Acapulco Gold 3.5g Dried Flower
  • 15% off for San Rafael ’71 – Mixed Green Sampler 3 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls
  • 15% off for ness – Taster Trio 3 x 0.5g Pre-Rolls


More discount for later week coming soon!


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  1. 2023-02-27 at 4:15 pm

    Purchased the new Ollopa-Titan THC soft gels from my good friends at Pluto Cannabis, and an excellent suggestion. You’re the best.

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